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All of South Seas Photography is copyrighted and "rights managed". None of these images on this website is public domain. South Seas Photography is constantly shooting new images of the South Pacific and Hawaii so we can offer the most unique images of the South Seas. The purpose of Stock Photography is being able to search and locate the perfect image for you or your company. We have thousands of images in our files that showcase the best of the exotic South Seas. Enjoy!

Our stock photography prices vary depending on how the image will be used. In order for us to provide you with a price quote, we will need the following information:

   •   How the image will be used ie: advertising, postcard, brochure, web, etc.
   •   Size of the printed images.
   •   Size of the image to be used.
   •   Placement of the image.
   •   Circulation of the ad or magazine.
   •   Distribution.

Our stock photography library is always being updated to provide you with the best and most eye catching images of Polynesia. If you don't see an image you need, we may have it in our in house files. We will be happy to help you research your perfect image of the South Seas.
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